Scott Trinkle

Scott Trinkle

Data scientist based in Atlanta, GA

Presentation: Received Magna Cum Laude merit award for talk at ISMRM 2019 conference in Montréal

Posted on May 14, 2019


This month I attended the ISMRM Annual Meeting in Montréal, Quebec to give a talk entitled “X-ray microcomputed tomography as a natively isotropic, nondestructive, 3D validation dataset for diffusion MRI.”

In this work, we used an image processing technique called “structure tensor analysis” to measure the orientations of nerve fibers in a mouse brain using high-resolution x-ray microCT. These orientations were compared to values estimated at a much lower resolution with diffusion MRI on the same brain. Fiber tractography results on the anterior commissure tract shown below demonstrate that microCT can be used to validate model-based results from diffusion MRI data. You can read my abstract here


My talk received the Magna Cum Laude Merit Award for my session:


I was also able to explore the city a little bit and find a mural of Leonard Cohen, one of my favorite musicians: